Community April 4, 2013

Lili Gil (Adventure)

BY Margot Ramsay

Age: 12
School: 7th grader at Wood River Middle School
Siblings: 4 sisters and 1 brother
Pets: A pit bull named “Mancha” and 4 chickens

One look at Lili Gil riding her horse at Swiftsure Ranch and you’ll understand she truly lives by her philosophy, “be positive and don’t give up.”  Lily is a junior high school student whose arm was amputated at birth due to a deformity and she’s discovered that riding is more than a passion— it’s helped her realize her dream is to be a pediatrician when she grows up so she can “help take care of other kids.”


How long have you been riding horses?
I’ve been riding for four years and ride every Saturday during the school year and two or three times during the week in the summer.

How did you get into it?
Sun Valley Adaptive Sports sent me information on skiing and riding and I decided to try riding horses.

What are the keys to being good at it? 
“Keep trying.”  I was excited and nervous when I first started riding. I loved it right away and want to keep doing it for a long time.

What are your greatest achievements so far? 
Switching from “neck reining” (controlling the horse with one hand), to using a specially designed “Rein-Bow Rein Loops” so I can use both arms.  Also, being able to assist in lessons and help other riders.

Any tips for people new to your sport?
Think positive and don’t give up!

What’s your favorite flavor ice cream?

Who is your hero?
My older sister, Claudia who’s 20.

What’s your favorite “kids” meal?
Posole, which is like a soup made with corn, meat and chilies.

What’s your motto?
“Stay positive and don’t give up and you can do anything.”

Do you participate in any other sports?
Skiing and soccer.

Favorite movie?
“TheThree Stooges.”

Favorite book?
A Child Called “It” by David Pelzer.

Favorite music?
R and B.

Place you’d most like to visit?




This article appears in the Issue of Sun Valley Magazine.