Community April 3, 2014

Get on Board and Go Skate!

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Surrounded by world famous hiking, skiing, biking and fly fishing opportunities, it’s easy to forget something else the Wood River Valley is famous for: Skateboarding!

That’s right, both Hailey and Ketchum are home to world-class skateboard parks designed and built by the legendary crew at Dreamland Skateparks. Some of the best skaters on the planet have come to ride the local parks over the years, including Sean White, Tony Trujillo and Tony Hawk.

Here’s a quick rundown of the local skateboarding options to help you get your grind on. (Both skate parks are open daily year-round, depending on the weather, and are free.)

Hailey Skatepark

Photo by Dev KhalsaConsidered one of the best skateboard parks in the Northwest—and arguably the best in the Gem State—the Hailey Skatepark was originally built in 2002 and was expanded, including adding a street skate section, in 2012. Located near the airport as part of the Rodeo Park and Visitor’s Center complex, the feature-rich park includes a 16-foot-high concrete pipe, countless roll-ins, handrails and stairs. It is an understandably popular spot during the warm weather months. Considered to be pretty challenging—Tony Hawk even got banged up trying to master some sections—the Hailey Skatepark is best experienced by older, more experienced kids (10 and up). Scooters for younger riders are allowed on some sections of the park. The Hailey Skatepark also usually hosts a couple of competitions each summer like the Concrete Rodeo Tour, the Christian Hosoi Skate or Hailey Skatepark Comps.

Guy Coles Memorial Skatepark

Need gear?
Board Bin in Ketchum is the oldest specialty board shop in the Northwest and carries everything you need to get started—or look good—boarding.
Baldy Sports in Hailey also has a solid selection of skateboarding gear as well.

A bit smaller than its South Valley counterpart, the Ketchum Skatepark offers a solid variety of terrain for a wide variety of skating abilities. Its two large bowls and vertical walls are very popular, as is its location off Warm Springs Road, with the Wood River YMCA on one side and the cool waters of the Big Wood River on the other. Barbecuing and hanging out on the benches and lush lawn that surrounds the park is a popular summer pastime for many local skaters.  -Mike McKenna


This article appears in the Issue of Sun Valley Magazine.