Community April 4, 2013

Deborah Drake (Movement)

BY Margot Ramsay

Pets: Two dogs: Koukla (means “Dolly” in Greek), a Welshspringer; Layla, a yellow Lab
Company: Mindful Movement for Kids

Debra Drake is one of the most animated people that you will ever meet. Her long red hair and South African accent will immediately intrigue you, and after having a conversation with her you’ll realize why she has such a profound effect on the children in her dance classes—she is beyond passionate about promoting “healthy and whole child development,” and is most certainly a kid at heart.

How long have you been dancing and teaching?
Over 20 years.

How did you get into it?
I developed an interest and passion for the human body as a child when I helped my grandmother deliver babies in our small village in South Africa.  She was a doula and spiritual healer in the village and at the age four, I became her assistant.

Where do you teach?
Studio Move in Ketchum.

What are the keys to being good at it?
I am a kid at heart and have an incredible passion for children.  Being animated is very important, as is being able to deal with the chaos of classes filled with small children!

Who is/are your  biggest influences?
My grandmother and Christine Roberts, my mentor.

Why is the Wood River Valley a good place for your skill/passion?
My studio is very versatile; I use it for kid’s parties, exercise classes and anything else that works in the space. “The studio is a place for the very young and the very young at heart to come and play.”

What’s your favorite flavor ice cream?
Rum Raisin

Who is yourhero?
My husband

What’s your favorite “kids” meal?
Lobster and macaroni and cheese

What’s your motto? 
To share my abundance of joy and compassion.

Do you participate in any other sports?
Hiking, biking, skiing, and lots and lots of dancing.




This article appears in the Issue of Sun Valley Magazine.