Arts December 22, 2008


Good Green Homes
by Jennifer Roberts
(Gibbs Smith, Publisher, 2003, $39.95)

Pondering the fundamental principles of green building, from choosing the right size home to taking charge of energy use to creating a home with lasting value, Good Green Homes shatters the stereotypes of environmentally responsible living. Jennifer Roberts skillfully illustrates the ways “mainstream green” can change the way people think about their homes and their connection to the natural world. Good Green Homes offers real world ideas and advice for creating environmentally friendly living spaces without sacrificing affordability, comfort, style, or charm.

Outer Spaces
by Diarmuid Gavin
(Dorling Kindersley Ltd., 2003, $30.00)

Through innovative, cutting edge design, Diarmuid Gavin tweaks any previous notion of how to live outdoors. From the perfect placement of two simple folding chairs in a peaceful meadow to fantastic curved glass walls set into undulating natural environs, Outer Spaces follows Gavin’s ideas from inspiration to actual plans, including plants and details chosen for each garden or space the author has developed. A household name in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Gavin is credited with changing the very nature of gardening and design with his visionary spaces, where fantastical dreamscapes rub shoulders with tranquil natural settings.

The Rustic Cabin
by Ralph Kylloe
(Gibbs Smith, Publisher, 2003, $60.00)

It’s easy to imagine cowboy boots kicked under the bed, a fly rod leaning against the back door frame, and a lab sleeping near the hearth of Ralph Kylloe’s houses. In his latest of 11 books—including Cabins & Camps, Rustic Artistry for the Home, Rustic Traditions, Cabin Collectibles, and Rustic Furniture MakersThe Rustic Cabin introduces designs that are reviving the age-old tradition of cabin craftsmanship. Included are newly built homes based on the history and vernacular of their locations. The photography is sumptuous, warm and cozy, making dreams come easily.

This article appears in the Fall 2004 Issue of Sun Valley Magazine.