Community July 24, 2008

A different view from the road most traveled

Idaho is full of surprises—different landscapes, spectacular vistas, unique vignettes. Ask someone to describe something they remember from a certain stretch of highway and you’ll likely get a variety of answers. Your memory is yours alone, but it is always interesting to travel a familiar pass with someone with a different perspective. Within these next few pages are the scenes that pronounced themselves to photographer Todd Meier. Maybe they are yours, maybe they will be eye opening. Enjoy the view.

Deputy John Graybill of the Camas County Sheriff’s department.
He’s out there . . . and he’s watching you.



One of the many side roads along
Highway 20 leading to farms on the Camas Prairie.




Sheepherder moving sheep on the Camas Prairie.



Sheepherder moving sheep on the Camas Prairie.



Douglass Owen, Park Ranger/Park Geologist.
He knows the Craters of the Moon National Park inside and out, as he has been there for 11 years.



Christopher Kubs of Hill City, owner of Creative Metal. He does metal fabrication and other unique work.
Kubs loves his horses and keyed Meier into “the best Polish Vodka—Wodka Wyborowa.”



Highway 20,
almost anywhere between Mountain Home and Arco.



Grain silos—a fixture of the scenery along the way.



This article appears in the Winter 2007 Issue of Sun Valley Magazine.